Standstill and Chill.

Our lives are busy. We work, we have ourselves and our families to take care of, and when the day is done we still have emails, text messages and all that technology to deal with. By the end of it all we’re all frazzled out. Some times we need to just standstill and chill, relax and enjoy what we have in the moment. Patience is one of the few things we don’t have enough of in today’s society. We are so used to having everything at our fingertips and with that comes one of our biggest downfalls impatience.

We all need to remember that things don’t happen overnight, that they need time to develop. We need to standstill and chill because most times clarity comes when we are just still.

Think about that and have a great weekend.



It’s the summer time and the weather is hot!

Happy summer everyone. Yes it’s that time of year when we need to put down the tools of our trade and take a breather.


Happy summer everyone. Yes it’s that time of year when we need to put down the tools of our trade and take a breather. As busy self-employed professionals many online assistants find it hard to find the time to take a break. There are many reasons for this lack of taking care of ourselves, the main one being that if we don’t work we don’t get paid. Though this saying is true look at it from the other side, “If you don’t take a break you can’t work when you’re burned out or sick.”

When I first started working as an online assistant a few years ago taking time off was one of the hardest things to do. You’re always looking for the next project, or lining up the next client so that you have a consistent flow of work. While it’s good to have work and clients lined up to keep you going and money coming in we also need to know that a break is a good thing. After the first 6 months of working almost non-stop I realised that taking a break was as good for me and my business as it was for my family and my clients. When you’re tired from working all the time you start to make mistakes, they maybe small but they are still mistakes. Nothing is worse than sending a client a project and it’s not exactly the way it was supposed to be.

Not being up to full strength personally or physically is the main reason why I always advocate for online assistants to take a break, and the summer is one of the best times to do this. The summer time is a natural break time in the year, it’s halfway through the year and it’s the time when many  businesses, universities and clients tend to slow down their own workflow for various reasons. Taking advantage of this natural lull in workflow is a great way to recharge yourself. I you don’t want to take a week or two off working, you can take the weekends off or have long weekends during the summer. Once you notice you’re workflow starting to slow down start organizing yourself to begin taking breaks.

As I mentioned previously taking advantage of the natural lulls in industry workflow is a great indicator for when to take a break from work. I take advantage of the slow times during the holiday seasons like Easter, Summer and Christmas as these times tend to be slow. I also take alternate weekends off work throughout the year. I like working weekends but I don’t like tying up all my weekends with work so a happy medium is to take two weekends off during the month. This can be done by alternating the weekends which works fine with me.

With that said take some time to recharge yourself and enjoy your summer with your family and friends.

Happy summer.





Organization and the virtual assistant


I love to write. I love to take notes, and most times you’ll see me scribbling something on a note pad. It’s not because I have a bad memory, but there are too many things for me to remember sometimes with work deadlines, and family appointments.

Note taking or jotting things down as I call it is a concept that I have been trying to instill into my 10 and 12-year-old. But at that age they think they know it all and can remember everything, a point I often prove them wrong on. 🙂

Organization is like note taking. In order to be organized you need to know what you need to accomplish, how you’re going to do that, and by when the most important deadline. Having this information down makes it so much easier to map your routine and organize your work load. Being organized is such an important part of being a self-employed professional that without it I know I would truly be lost.

Every Virtual assistant should spend the time to organize their work and family schedule, and their office so that:

  1. They can be more efficient at the services that they provide.
  2. Can prioritize their schedule more effectively to give them a good work life balance.
  3. Have more time with their family and to do the things they love.

Without organization we as self-employed virtual assistants would not be able to efficiently help our clients and give them the best service experience that we can offer. So my tip to virtual assistants is to get yourself organized so that you can have happy clients, a happy life, and a happy work environment.

It’s great to work for yourself, but you also need to get your work life balance in check and in my opinion organization is the first place to start.

Have an organized week.

Althea – Virtually Yours P.A.