Windows 10 upgrade available until July 29, 2016

windows 10

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I just want to remind all the users of Windows 7 & 8 that the free windows 10 update is still available until June 29. So you have 10 days to get your laptops or PCs updated for free.

By now you should have received a notification in your update ready section telling you that you can update your windows product, but if not you can click on the link and get the download from Microsoft. This link will become inactive after July 29. Link courtesy of

Windows 10 upgrade – FREE

I’ve had windows 10 for almost a year now on the free upgrade and it’s great to work with. Now all my laptops and computers have it on.

Happy updating.

Althea – VYPA




4 Funny But Serious Skills To Embrace As A Transcriber •

Hi Everyone,

Just read this and thought it very fitting to those assistants who are transcribers by trade. I myself am a Transcriber and found this to be very imformative. So many businesses are going for the cheaper option when it comes to this type of service and in the long run they end up paying double for the same project.

Recently I worked with a client who had files done by someone else and they were so bad she passed them on to me for editing. As soon as I opened the file it was immediately obvious that the transcriber was not a natural English speaker. Simple phases, words or even sentence structure were a mess, and large chunks of the content were omitted.

So take your skill seriously and offer the best service you can and enjoy what you do.

4 Funny But Serious Skills To Embrace As A Transcriber •.

Transcriptions – are the costs too low!

As Virtual Assistants there are many areas of work that our duties cover, one such area that seems to get overlooked or abused is providing transcription services. Are the cost of transcription services soo low that VAs are giving away their services.

TranscriptionAs Virtual Assistants there are many areas of work that our duties cover, one such area that seems to get overlooked or abused is providing transcription services.  Are the cost of transcription services  low that VAs are giving away their services.

I personally do a  lot of transcriptions and enjoy doing them. Some of the topics can be very informative and interesting and at times quite fun to just listen to. I have transcribed for meetings, Ebooks, seminars, and teleconferences. However not all jobs come from my current client list so I have to go out in search of work, which brings me to the topic of this post.

Very recently while going through a freelance sites, which is one of the many places or ways that VAs get their projects, I came upon a startling trend, buyers requesting VAs to transcribe 60 minutes of audio for $5.  Another I saw stated “a premium of $10”.  Now as an experienced transcriber of more than 5 years this rate is unacceptable. Do prospective clients or buyers really know what goes into creating their transcripts? The time, research, and skill that an experienced transcriber brings to the table to ensure that their files are created as required.  Clients who request the services of a transcriber should be made aware that although this service can be found for those prices in some places, to have an experienced english speaking, experienced transcriber will require more of an incentive than $10 per hour.

In addition to the low service cost they seek, they also want a VA to provide the files within a certain time frame, which was unrealistic.  VAs please when using freelance sites try your best to vet your prospective clients and check out if they have used the site before, or worked with other provides and read the comments left, they are always good indicators to show if  you can or are willing to work with that client.

Remember transcriptions come in many forms and grades and if you can provide your service for $5 or $10 then that’s great for you but be realistic about the resources you used to provide that transcript and weigh the costs then.

Happy prospecting and enjoy the weekend.

Althea  @ VYPA


Thank you for your comments. I feel that as VAs we should sometimes just make these buyers aware that such rates are simply not acceptable.  I’m pleased to see that I’m not alone in feeling this way about some of the rates being offered.
Thank you for reading.