Excuse Me

Excuse Me! These two little words can convey such a lot. While out shopping in the grocery store there was an elderly gentleman looking at a shelf. The rest of the aisle was blocked so I said, Excuse Me and walked in between him and the shelf and got the item I wanted. As I was walking away he said to me, “I can see you’ve got good manners.” He went on to say that people aren’t polite or have manners anymore. They push past, walk in front of you, or just stretch over you when they want to get something without uttering a word. After chatting for a couple of minutes we went our separate ways, but those two words stuck with me.

Excuse Me. Being polite or having manners has always been something that comes naturally to me and my family. From as far back as I can remember we’re taught to say excuse me if you’re going in someone’s way. We say hello, good night, good morning, please and thank you. But until now I had not realized just how much people outside my family circle aren’t as polite or good mannered. Everyone is in such a rush to get what they want, and get where they’re going that for many manners goes out the window.

In this age of technology where we live our lives electronically, we don’t need to be polite or have manners when we interact via email or social media. But we all need to remember that we have to go outside and interact with other people at some point. So, just remember to say Excuse Me, when you’re crossing someones path, it might just make their day. Being polite or being mannerly might just bring you an unexpected surprise.

Enjoy your day

Althea – VYPA

After Hurricane Irma 

It’s been two weeks since Irma devastated the Caribbean and Florida. Two weeks of uncertainty for millions of people, for what’s going to happen next, and where to get the help that is needed to move forward. For me and many here in Southwest Florida who have been less devastated our thoughts are we survived but what can we do to help the less fortunate than us.

Irma has been an experience that I wouldn’t want to go through again and I’m sure many of us feel the same. However Mother Nature is unpredictable and nothing is certain. One thing that I know is for sure is the assistance that has been given by organizations like the #Redcross, #FEMA, #Unitedway, #Samaritanspurse and all the other charities and groups that have stepped in to help. It is much appreciated.

As we all rebuild our lives, our homes, our communities, our countries we should all be thankful we survived hurricane Irma.

Now for those that can please donate your time or funds to the various charities that are on the ground helping they need as much help as we can give.

Thank you. 🌹

Major flooding if streets, homes and businesses.
Downed trees, power lines and buildings.
Rain and wind during Irma

Taking time off work is good for you.

It’s the beginning of the summer vacation season and a time that marks the middle of the year. Summer time has famously been the time when everyone takes a break from work and the mundane in their life to just lay back and enjoy what they’ve worked so hard for. However, being your own boss has made many of us less likely to take a break for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why you must take a vacation especially when you’re your own boss.

  • Vacations offer you the ability to step away from your work/business and give your brain and body a rest. As we move away from running our businesses or working we give ourselves the time to realign our thoughts and to refocus ourselves. It also gives our bodies the opportunity to rest so that we will feel reinvigorated on our return.
  • Vacations are fun. Having some fun without worrying about the next email or phone call is great. That feeling of not being tied to the little thing in your hand is a nice feeling in a time when we’re constantly plugged into our phones and laptops.
  • Enjoy the sunshine. We all know that the sun is good for us, and sometimes just taking a walk or sitting out in the garden with flowers around you. Feeling the warmth of the sun is a great pick me up. It’s even better when you’re on vacation and don’t have to rush back inside to work.
  • Finally, family time. If you have a family it’s a time for them to look forward to. To spend time with your family and friends is a great way to relieve the stresses of running a business or working. Just taking a few days off to be with family and friends, to spend time together and have some fun is good for your business. It will revive you and get you ready for the work ahead.

So before the summer is out plan some time off from your business. You’re the boss you’ve earned it.