After Hurricane Irma 

It’s been two weeks since Irma devastated the Caribbean and Florida. Two weeks of uncertainty for millions of people, for what’s going to happen next, and where to get the help that is needed to move forward. For me and many here in Southwest Florida who have been less devastated our thoughts are we survived but what can we do to help the less fortunate than us.

Irma has been an experience that I wouldn’t want to go through again and I’m sure many of us feel the same. However Mother Nature is unpredictable and nothing is certain. One thing that I know is for sure is the assistance that has been given by organizations like the #Redcross, #FEMA, #Unitedway, #Samaritanspurse and all the other charities and groups that have stepped in to help. It is much appreciated.

As we all rebuild our lives, our homes, our communities, our countries we should all be thankful we survived hurricane Irma.

Now for those that can please donate your time or funds to the various charities that are on the ground helping they need as much help as we can give.

Thank you. 🌹

Major flooding if streets, homes and businesses.
Downed trees, power lines and buildings.
Rain and wind during Irma

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