Finding clarity from all the information around us.


As freelance professionals, or businesses working online or using online communications we will always be bombarded with information.  Information is one of those things that is, for the most part, free.  You join marketing groups, business development groups, forums, advice sites or social media sites.  Whatever site or group you join there is always information being sent via email, text message, push notifications and sometimes by physical mail.

When we’re just starting out on our own many of us, if not all of us, join numerous groups, sites or forums with the aim that they will help us to move ahead, gain more sales or a group following. Or to just be able to guide us in the direction that we think will help us to achieve our goals of being successful. However, as we progress in our journey some of those sites and the information that they provide becomes irrelevant. When such a time arises that the site and it’s information is no-longer needed then that is the time for you to cut all ties with that site and move on.

Getting rid of all the senseless information that comes from these sites once they become useless can be challenging and so it is best done as soon as you make the decision to quit the site. You should remember that once you close or delete you account on the site the information flow does not stop. You will have to go into your email and social media accounts and physically stop these notification by either unsubscribing. While most emails can be unsubscribed from there are some that don’t have that option and so the next best thing to do is to block those emails. Do the same with you social media group and push notifications and text message. The quicker you clean up those unwanted information the faster you can move on in achieving your goals.

It’s good to know what’s out there to help you, but once you find the right information for you the faster you will succeed. Have fun being successful.


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