A little down time is needed.


As we come to the close of the summer, there are those of us that are getting the kids ready to go off to school, or they have already done a couple weeks already depending where in the world you are. And a little down time is needed to catch our breath and regroup our thoughts. As entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, or independent contracted workers the end of the summer period can see an up take in our businesses and so it’s a good idea to just take a little break from everything and refocus your thoughts on your business for the last few months of the year.

In many industries summer is historically a slow period for self-employed professionals. For me personally I always used this time to look at business operations, catch up on administrative tasks, and to refocus my goals for the end of the year. This advice I would give to anyone who is self-employed or running your own business, take the summer to sort yourself out. As I’m writing this post I am taking a little break from all the emails, clients, and work related stuff, and just thought I would take the time to say to you all out there, “Take a little Break,” maybe it’s two days or two weeks. Have a little fun, regroup your thoughts and get ready to go full steam ahead with the final months of the year ahead of us.

Enjoy the last days of summer.

Althea – VYPA



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