Virtual Assistants don’t have to be the Jack/Jill of all trades.

I posted this some time ago but it is still very much relevant today as it was back then. I can’t say enough how important it is to drill down on what works best for you to focus on, but finding your niche is critical for any know ND of longevity in this administrative industry. Enjoy.

Sometimes Virtual Assistants go into things with all the best intentions but there are times when more is needed than just an intention. As virtual assistants we have been proud to say that we can do pretty much anything but what we should also remember is that we have limitations. These limitations are not just our skill set but also the physical aspect of time. There are not enough hours in the day to do everything at our best.

It is the sign of a good virtual assistant to know what they can do and what they do well. There are many VA’s that out of necessity have become the Jack or Jill of all tasks and skills and are very competent . But then there are those also who are not so competent but refuse to admit it. As VA’s it is our responsibility to portray ourselves in the very best light and always give our 100% best.

Virtual assistants should look at their skill sets and master those that they excel in. In other words they should specialise in areas that they do their best work. Don’t just be a virtual assistant that does everything but say exactly what you specialise in. In the long run you will see the benefits and it will make you more focused on the direction that your marketing, ads and networking will take.

So take the time to focus on your skill sets and pinpoint those skills that you are exceptional at and make that the focus of the service that you will be offering to your clients. Once you have that down you will definitely see the difference in your schedule, time and client satisfaction.

Althea – Virtually Yours P.A.


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