Robots on the rise – Is your job at risk?


There has always been some worry that robots will take over the jobs that many flesh and blood workers do, and in some instances this has been the case. In the automotive industry and practically any industry that deals with assembly of products this has been the case but there are some industries that need the human touch to get things done.

Robots have long been a worry for the workforce that they would loose their jobs to robots. The hard labor intensive jobs in many factories, food processing plants and large industrial fields have been automated to some extent, but for the administrative industry this is very unlikely to happen. In the administrative industry the human aspect is something that cannot be replaced. While you can program a computer to type as you speak they can only be programmed for one speaker at a time and in some cases are virtually useless if that speaker has a very heavy accent of any origin.

Transcription is one of these jobs that is unlikely to be taken over by an automated system. While a computer would be able to transcribe known words, when it comes to slang, people who mumble, and accents the human ear is still the best. That human aspect is important in transcription as we don’t always speak in perfect sentences, we use slang, and change mid-sentence or mid-thought quite often.

Administration is an industry that will always be humanized and robots if necessary will only be used in limited ways. So when it comes to the administrative industry Administrators, Virtual Assistants, Transcribers, Translators,  the human touch will always be in demand.

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