Don’t forget the fun in your work.

Sometimes we get complacent when we do the same type of  work day in, day out. We end up getting comfortable doing the same standard things using one set of skills while our other skills become stagnant. Sometimes we even begin to make simple mistakes in doing those things that we do on a daily basis because we feel very confident in doing them and so let things slide. Sometimes the daily monotomous tasks begin to take the fun out of what we do and when work is not fun or interesting anymore then we begin to lose motivation and in some cases we start to make silly mistakes. It has does happen and has happened to me.

But when it does that’s my cue to take a break an re-energise my self and maybe go dabble with my other skill sets. For me when that complacent feeling starts to creep in then to me that means what I’m doing is not fun for me anymore.

One thing that I find works to shake up my skill bank and bring the fun back is to actually go to one of the freelance sites I registered with way back when I was starting out and bid on a couple of projects that you have the skill set for. Yes sometimes the cost is lower than you would normally charge but some times it’s good to just dip your toe, so to speak back into the skill pool and keep those skills refreshed.

One of my favorites is and, simply because I have gotten clients from both these sites who I still work with to this very day so I know that there are clients on these sites that will pay for what your skill is worth and are not just looking for the cheapest bid.

Go check out a freelance site and have a little fun bidding on something just to keep your skills on track, and if you already have profiles on any of those sites either update them or delete them if you feel that the site no longer fits your purposes. This is a great task for freelancers and virtual professionals to do when they have some down time in between projects. So go have fun with your work.

Have a great day.

Althea – VYPA


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