How to trust a Virtual Assistant with your business?

I came across this article and found it to be very enlightening when it comes to people who are looking to hire Virtual Assistants who they’ve never met. The three simple steps outline in the article by Grainne are so simple and easy to do to calm the fears that someone might have when faced with the trust question and putting their business into the hands of a Virtual Assistant.

I myself have used all three suggestions and they do work, people respond a lot better when they know that they can actually speak to the person they are going to hire, that is why it is always a good idea to have a contact number Skype or a local number so that they have the option to speak with you. Another good idea is to have your location visible so that they know where you’re located and if that happens to be close to then it’s always nice to do a meet up if possible.

Here is an extract of the post How to trust a Virtual Assistant with your Business? by Grainne Foley. For the full article just click on the link, enjoy.

How to trust a Virtual Assistant with your business? by Grainne Foley (Extract)

Here are ways to build that trust factor

Interview your VA using the Skype video feature. This way you can see them while you talk to them. Do they seem open, friendly, and personable? Ask all the questions you want and stay on the phone chatting until you are sure that you are comfortable with and want to continue with this VA in particular. If trust is an issue for you, tell them this and ask them how they can help you to rectify that. Remember VA’s work with a myriad of clients so you’re not the first person to be nervous about working with someone who works remotely. They may have some suggestions to help to ease your worries and make you more comfortable.

Conduct at least 3 reference checks on the VA in question. During the reference check, ask the other clients if they have ever had any issues with the VA. Let the VA’s current clients know that you are nervous about working remotely with someone and ask them if they felt that way at all. I guarantee you at least one will say yes, continue the conversation from there.

You should always have a confidentiality clause included as one of the documents that the VA must sign and make it very clear what the consequences are if the VA divulges any confidential material to outside parties.

Once you follow these steps, you will feel a lot more comfortable about working with a VA. Start small and give them more work as your comfortable level with them grows. Remember this is a two-way street. You have to be open with your VA as well; they need to be able to trust you and feel that they can engage with you openly and that you welcome their suggestions/ideas. Give praise when it’s due, offer feedback when necessary and appreciate them and the difference they are making to your business.


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