Keeping your profiles current

As I write today I’m taking a break from doing a task that I have been putting off for a few weeks, updating my profiles on various sites.

When starting out I created profiles on so many sites and now as I go back to some of them it just proves how much I have developed and expanded in the last three years. I have been providing virtual services for a while but in 2006 decided to dedicate most of my time to making is more of a career rather than a hobby. In doing so I have educated myself with various courses and read so much that sometimes it took over my working schedule, however that is all behind me and now I have been on a path that has been leading to continued growth, it is small but consistent.

So in keeping with my continued growth it is time to clean up those profiles on sites that I wish to keep informed about what is happening, and those that I don’t visit or find useful I will just get rid of. It is time for change, unification and above all streamlining my online presence into a more coherent one.

This is something that I think we should all do as online professionals, keep our presence coherent because eventually that becomes our brand online. So take a look at all those profiles and delete the ones you don’t find valuable and update the ones that are. This will take time but in the end it will be worth while.

Have a great week.

Virtually Yours PA


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