VA Blogging tips

Wow, half the year has gone and I’ve hardly done any blogging.

Sometimes what seems so easy to start and continue turns out to be the hardest task. Who would have thought that writing and up keeping a blog would be so hard to do, especially when you do it for clients.

What I’ve discovered is that your blogs need to be:

  1. Relevant to both you and the readers you’re hoping to get interested in your blog.
  2. Posts need to be thought out and prepared and not be ramblings of the blogger.
  3. Posts don’t need to be long and drawn out, sometimes the best blog posts are those that are short, sweet and to the point 🙂
  4. If you run out of ideas reposting is not a crime as long as the post is relevant to your blog. ‘Remember to get permission first from the original source – Copyright.’
  5. Try to blog on a regular basis. Sometimes or a lot of the time a weekly schedule just is not going to work, so try monthly instead.
  6. Always, always have fun. If what you’re doing or blogging about becomes a chore then it’s no fun any more. Enjoy what you’re doing and let that move you forward.

Work can be fun so enjoy it.



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