Happy 2011

As we begin the new year you should be mindful of the contacts and progress that you made during the past year.  In order to move forward with 2011 and continue to be productive, remember to follow-up and follow through with your contacts in 2011.

During the past year as a small business owner, entrepreneur, virtual assistant or other professional, we have all made numerous contacts, leads or come across opportunities that are just sitting on our to do pile, on our desk, or in our in-boxes.  For the start of this new year, my suggestion to everyone reading this, is to follow-up on those leads.  Send out New Year’s messages with a link back to your site, a new year offer, or attachment of your professional expertise.  Remind those contacts why they got in touch with you in the first place.  Re-engage a would be client into being a client.

Before the end of the January, follow through on your efforts by updating your business or professional profiles, update your website or business information.  If you’re a virtual assistant this could be as simple as a list of the services you provide sent out by email to those clients that you worked with in 2010, or send out a New Year newsletter.

Following through with your plans to make contact with those names on your to do pile, look at the opportunities that you have put aside for a later date.  Following up and following through will keep you fresh in your contacts mind and if they forget what you did or how the link was made with you, then this follow-up and follow through is a great way to bring you and your services, or company to the forefront of their mind, and maybe they just might be able to use your services in this new year.

January is a time for planning and many entrepreneurs and small business owners are usually looking at planning their next step to move forward.  So do your follow-up and follow through in January you might be surprised at the positive responses you receive for this New Year.

Good luck and be productive in 2011

Althea – VYPA


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