Communication is key.

Communication is key when working with clients.

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The last few weeks have been very busy managing work with the activities of two sons 7 and 9. Because of this it has been hard managing some of the aspects of my Virtual Assistant business, and my blog. It’s times like this when I truly appreciate scheduling my time and having understanding clients when I have to re-arrange a deadline.

As I’ve said before communication is a very powerful tool, telling your clients the state of play with the projects that they entrust to you is one of the main reasons why your clients will always consider you first before going somewhere else. When you take the time to communicate and update clients you show that you are honest, committed and above all taking responsibility for your actions and your work load. There are many times when VAs just let deadlines pass and not inform clients why or when their project will be ready. This can be very frustrating and as someone who has personally experienced this, it is maddening not knowing if your work has been started, and if you need to rearrange your time to do the job yourself.

Communication is key and for any VA out there who would like to even be remotely successful and keep clients then they should make communication their focus second to completing the job and staying on target with their deadlines.

Have a great weekend.


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