Tales of a Work-at-Home Solopreneur

Hope you all enjoy this. How do you catch up the time that you’ve lost? The answer is never ever, but to work with the time that you have left then look into setting micro goals such as outlines by the Work at home Solopreneur.

Tales of a Work-at-Home Solopreneur

by admin on April 13, 2010

Snack of high-performance championsIt’s very rare that I make on-the-fly blog posts. This is good and bad. The good is that I like to think out what I am sharing with you. The bad is that I lose a lot of great ideas in the moment due to overthinking (anyone else have that problem?).

My goal for today was to operate at 100%. For me, that means being present, focused, and intentional. Poor planning yesterday is now kicking my butt today. Plans derailed and all that good stuff. It’s not even lunch time here in Los Angeles, but I already felt like time slipped away and I was done for. There’s no way I could accomplish anything. WRONG.  There’s always time to course correct – I’m not dead yet.

So, what did I do? I looked at my calendar and though I hate to do it, I found an appointment that I could reschedule – the one breaking up my entire day – and asked for a later date. Problem solved right? WRONG AGAIN. Now, I suddenly have “all this time” and “so much to do” that I didn’t know where to start. Do you see how I created a problem from what I previously thought was a solution? Nice.

Here’s what I am doing to get myself on track:

1) Set micro-goals – What can I do in the next hour? What about the hour after that? And after that? Repeat until I have to get to leave in the evening

2) Check-ins with my accountability partners – I will tell them what I intend to do. That’s a good motivator for me to actually stay on track.

3) I created a vision map of what my day was like, written as if it was 11pm and I’m looking back on how things went – what I did, which goals were accomplished, how I felt, etc. Whenever my mind wanders, I will look at this vision to help pull me back in.

4) Cut off a huge chunk of brie, threw it on a plate with a pile of crackers and settled in to write this blog post. Why? Because that’s what I do and if you don’t like brie, I’m not sure we should even know each other. Just kidding…sort of.

Creating micro-goals helps me see that the things I want to accomplish CAN be done in less time than I think if I stop wasting time and start focusing on the big picture of what I want. I can’t accomplish my BIG GOAL if the little goals that support it have not be completed. And surrounding myself with accountability is a valuable tool I use as a solopreneur to support myself. And of course, I give back to my partners as well.

When you are having trouble focusing, what are some of the ways you get back on track? I’d like to know!


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