How to use Twitter for your businss

The Top 15 Missed Twitter Opportunities

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Hi all,

I came across this article about using Twitter for your business and thought it might just be one of the better ideas I’ve heard for using Twitter for business. Many of you may already do some of the stuff listed on here so why not give it a try if Twitter is your thing.

Have fun.


The Top 15 Missed Twitter Opportunities

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller on Homebusiness Network

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your home business – but you need to use it properly. If you aren’t employing numerous elements on Twitter, you’re missing out on using Twitter effectively says Phyllis Zimbler Miller. She provides a 15 step guide to the key actions.

– Having your real name in the name field (in settings) with a space between first and last names so your name is searchable on Twitter.

– Including the link to any article or post you reference in a tweet. (You can use a shortened URL application to track the clicks of your shortened link.)

– Rather than a company logo uploading a good headshot of yourself.

– Using your one hot link on Twitter to go to an information page rather than a sales page.

– Including targeted bio information that could authentically encourage people to follow you.

– Engaging in conversation on Twitter by replying to people rather than your only Twitter activity being sending your blog feeds automatically into your Twitter account.

– Retweeting interesting information from others instead of only tweeting your own links.

– Updating several times a day and several days a week.

– Thanking people for retweeting your links – and including the retweeted links.

– Thanking people for responding with information to the questions you tweet.

– Using to track your name and your company name on Twitter. (Your username mentions can be seen in your reply tab.)

– Participating in tweetchats on subjects of interest to your brand, book or business.

– Using search functions to find people with similar interests and then following them.

– Sharing interesting information links (from outside Twitter) with your Twitter followers.

– Sending DM Twitter tips to people when you spot a missed opportunity with which you can help them. (Never do this in a public tweet. Thus the person must be following you in order for you to DM that person regardless of whether you are following the person.)

Use this article as a checklist to see how many of these opportunities you are taking advantage of now. Fix any omissions as soon as possible.

Extra tip: If you spend too much time looking for good articles whose links you can tweet, implement a system to make this less time-consuming.

Do a search on Google for blogs in an area related to your interest. The concept related is important; you don’t want to link to blog posts of direct competitors. Blogs posts of colleagues are a much better choice.

Then sign up for the RSS feed or email notification of these five to 10 blogs. Each time there’s a new blog post, read it quickly to see if it is worthwhile. If so, tweet a link to it.


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