Be organised for 2010

1. Be more organised
2. Be prepared for whatever comes my way or yours

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It’s already the fourth week into 2010 and this is going to be my first real post of the new year.  Where has the time gone.

2009 ended with a promise that I would be a bit more organised and schedule my life and work a lot better.  But so far things haven’t quite worked out that way so far.  I find that I am reacting to situations instead of action on them, which can be a little hectic at times.

Reacting to a situation is when something happens that was not scheduled and therefore you react by doing whatever task needs to be done in order to resolve the situation, may it be a good or a bad situation or issue.  Now if I were acting on the situation I would have been prepared to deal with this or any situation that may pop up which is a better position to be.  So for this year I am going to be more proactive and hopefully won’t have anything just popping up that I need to react to.

To end this post and start this new year a couple of business and life objectives are to:

  1. Be more organised
  2. Be prepared for whatever comes my way or yours

Have a great week and my  you grow in your personal and business lives.




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