As a freelancer don’t forget customer service.

Even though you’re a freelancer, you are also a customer service specialist. Or at least you should be!

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I recently came across this little gem while following one of my twitter pals:

Even though you’re a freelancer, you are also a customer service specialist. Or at least you should be!

As simple as this statement might be it is actually true. Can you imagine having worked with a client  and then just moved on without even a second thought.

What if that client really liked working with you but for some reason misplaced your contact details.
What if that client didn’t know that apart from the service you provided them you also do other things.
What if, what if, there can be a lot of what ifs and a potential long term client has just passed you by.

As a freelancer it is up to you to be your customer service specialist. Being a freelancer can be fickle at times and work can be few and far between, but if you have long term clients that can see you through these lean times then the battle is half won.

When you work with a client don’t just complete the project and say good bye, send out a customer update or just a simple how are you email. This communication can then work in one of two ways, your client will either keep you in mind whenever they have similar projects and will give you first refusal. Or they could just ignore your communication and move on to the next freelancer. Either way as long as you made the effort and followed up with your past client, you exhibited good customer services and if nothing is a good thing to have.

It’s not too late to go take a look at your client list and just send a note to say hi, how is business, here are my details if your should ever need my services again. Give it a try you just might surprise yourself with some repeat business or start building a long term client list .

Althea @ VYPA


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